Willy the Whale Whisperer

Willy the Whale Whisperer

Sunday June 29 at 2 PM

Willy the Whale Whisperer

 Willy Bennett found communicating with whales a graceful transition into Cosmic mystery.

Willy uses dowsing.


Willy is a retired Aero Space Engineer who lives in Hawaii. With a great love for the whales, he brings a new and exciting way to communicate with life.  Willy uses Dowsing every day.
Remember the Star Trek movie Voyage Home
With Spock communicating with the whale in the aquarium:
Inline image 4
The beauty of Dowsing? ‘The world is open to you’. With practice and dedication, the possibilities are staggering. Each individuals’ Mind connection to the Universe is unique. Your innermost questions have answers; you have the questions and the Universe has answers.
Dowsing is the tool to discovery.

Islandia Cabana: 20108 56th Ave W, Lynnwood, WA 98036

Bring finger foods to share.
Donation: $5-$10-$20 your choice.  Thank you.

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