Don Black

 What has Worked for Me

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Don was born in what is now Watts.  Graduated from UCLA & USC, USAF trained to drop thermo-nuclear bombs, practiced as a trial lawyer for 30 years, managed 6 McDonald’s for a short time and then managed a wood recycling business in Washington for 9 years.  He has been President of a PTA, Kid’s Club, National President of Trial Lawyers Assn., Homeowners Assn., Chamber of Commerce, a public Art Gallery and one of the founders of a Homeless Shelter which still exists today in Laguna Beach.

Starting with extensive training in forensic medicine at USC in the 60’s, Don has trained in Self Hypnosis, Healing Touch, Pranic Healing, Reflexology, multiple levels of Reiki, Face Reading and Voice Bio.  He presently serves on several Non Profits.  He is a member of IONS and the Edgar Cayce Foundation.  He has lived in Anacortes since 1994.

Don’s Swedish grandmother dowsed. Sometime in the 70’s Don started using a pendulum.  Didn’t really get serious about it until he came to Washington.  He joined Energy Dowsers when Penn Bell directed it.  He carries a pendulum with him everywhere he goes. He is constantly practicing.  He attended the Vermont Convention in 2013, the Santa Cruz Conventions in 2012 & 2014 and the last Flagstaff Convention, whenever that was.

There will be 3 parts to Don’s presentation.

  1. At age 83, he wants to pass on how Dowsing, Essential Oils, diffuse Red Light Laser, water, toning and deep tissue work confuses his Doctors and Dentist;
  2. Demonstrate some techniques that may help to convince others that ethical Dowsing works;
  3. A simple workshop to locate noxious energy on a specific property which he has dowsed; he will provide the materials.  Just be sure to bring your dowsing Tool of choice.

Be ready to ask questions because Don hopes to share as much information as you are interested in.    

Location: Islandia Cabana, 20108 56th Ave West, Lynnwood, WA 98036

Donation:   $5, $10, $20 your choice.

Please bring finger foods to share.