Dowsing Your Way to Health Sunday March 22

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Katherine Glenn, Ph.D.



Katherine Glenn, Ph.D., has extensive practical healing experience in addition to a doctorate degree in Holistic Nutrition. Due to an unusual childhood, her playmates were Nature: Plants, rocks, animals, birdsongs, and clouds. She always wanted to help heal – wanted to be a veterinarian upon growing up but her mother had other ideas.

In 1963 Katherine had a profound NDE which revitalized her passion for healing. She worked for Dr. Bernard Jensen at his health ranch as head cook. In 1973 she started using gemstones for healing, and authored the book “I Wear My Medicine”. In the late 70’s she became licensed for Massage, followed a few years later by Reiki and Therapeutic Touch. Throughout she never lost sight of her main interests in healing people and the planet. Attending Flower Newhouse’s services in California, while learning about the angelic kingdom, she heard of another place that dealt with Nature spirits: Findhorn, Scotland; and was drawn to and almost moved there.

She studied Homeopathy for several years, herbs, sea vegetation, color therapy, juice therapy, Bach flower remedies, and Essential Oils. In 1986 she started using dowsing in Montana for healing. Currently she does nutritional counseling and actively seeks to empower others to greater health.

Where:  Islandia Cabana
When:  Sunday February 22 at  2PM

web address: Islandia Cabana: 20108 56th Ave W, Lynnwood, WA 98036

Bring finger foods to share.

Donation: $5- $10- $20 your choice.  Thank you.