Sept 21: Mosa Baczewska Sounding on Purpose

 ‘Sounding on Purpose’ 

Learning to use Your own voice for Healing Frequencies

Mosa Baczewska
Once again I have been entranced by the mystery and magic

of color, shape, light and shadow. – Mosa

Mosa brings to us her understandings of the quality of our own Sounds.

Mosa Baczewska is a musician, fine artist, crafter, performing songwriter and workshop facilitator with a passion for quantum physics, sacred geometry, dowsing and all manner of miracles.  Her intuitive style and intentions towards beauty inform all her work.  She has been singing since age 6 and presenting her evolving singing/sounding workshop, Sounding on Purpose, for over 10 years.  For the past 3 years, she has lectured at the annual American Society of Dowsers Convention in Lyndon, Vermont.  SOUNDING OF PURPOSE – Our voices carry information, to the outside world and to the interior landscape of our cells.  Sounding on Purpose explores the power, possibility and practice of purposeful sounding with one’s voice.  Using tools such as the hum and vowel sounds, we discover the voice as instrument of fine tune or our sensibilities and thus improve our dowsing skills.  Using the voice as a dowsing instrument will be explored.  With the authentic moment as our guide, we create soundings with intention, experiencing the possibilities of our in-house instrument, as well as the alchemy of group sounding, a metaphor for harmonious relations.  The experience is fun, invigorating and profound.  Come discover the power you hold with you. 

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