Magnetic Energy and Color Energy Fields

Every 11 years the Sun has a Magnetic Pole Shift. November 2013 is the end of the shift and the beginning a the new cycle.

What a great opportunity to experiment and demonstrate our skill as dowsers.
Bring with you to the next meeting:

Several types of Magnets, Color Transparencies, LED flash light, Pendulum, notebook (for recording), and think about some questions we can explore.

SUN          Incredible pictures of our Solar Star





 Every 11 years the Sun’s magnetic field flips; the magnetic north and south poles reverse.  This month,    November 2013 is the final settling of this present cycle.  This reversal has been observed by NASA since   1975, but has been acknowledged in the ancient Egyptian times.

The Earth’s Magnetic field:  Magnetic north shifts, as a matter of course. These shifts move the magnetic north 10 to 40 miles a year.
Speculation suggests within the next few years, magnetic north will be  in Siberia.

Earth's Magnetic field

This magnetic field is perhaps a balancing of the greater forces of our solar system, constellation or even the galaxy. As Dowsers, we have access to the knowledge base of these Cosmic cycles by observation, questions, and a device like our pendulum to discern possible answers.

Figure 1 - The Human Energy Field and Man’s Assemblage PointThe human’s magnetic field, most personal, is defined by pendulum, aura meter, L-rod, intuition, or any means devised by our discovery.


Our next meeting, November 24, we have the RARE opportunity to ask Questions, record answers, share our understandings and learn from our Knowing.

The Magnetic Field and the use of colors and group participation will open new understanding.

PotLuck:   Festive sharing


Location:    Islandia Club House

20108 56th Ave W.
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address on Cabana:   5620-5630 56th Ave N. Lynnwood, WA (Condo address)

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