Sunday March 20 at 2PM: Our meeting offers Two Speakers.

Shirley bestShirley Hardy

Shares with us her impeccable dowsing techniques for growing vegetables.

Shirley shares with us her extraordinary accounts of years of discovery.  Planting your garden on purpose using dowsing.

What to Bring:  Bring dirt.  Scoop a cup of dirt from your garden or lawn or store bought flower pot dirt. Put it in a zip lock bag. You will test the dirt with a convenient list additives, your pendulum and your intuition.  Bring a pendulum. We will have some available. Dental Floss and a washer.

Bring some finger food to share. Bring a friend or your friend’s dirt.

Dr. Jeff Morency
Philosopher and Scientist

Dr. Jeff Morency has offered to share his understanding of his Knowing of Truth. A lifetime of study and research into the basic Force of Life has tested true to Jeff’s spiritual life. Dr. Morency's research and work has created his version of the Royal Rife Machine. Truly, a remarkable man.

When:  Sunday March 20 at 2PM

Where:  Islandia Cabana 

Location: Islandia Cabana, 20108 56th Ave West, Lynnwood, WA 98036

Donation:   $5, $10, $20 your choice.