May 18: Morgine Jurdan – Animal Communicator


Morgine Jurdan

Animal Communicator

Brings us the best of all possible worlds – Communication with our beloved pets and perhaps those ants, bugs, plants and insects that need a little persuasion to change location.

 May 18, 2014  at  2PM

 Where:  Islandia Cabana – 1st floor

email:  web:

Morgine will be offering some Quick Short consultations In Person before her presentation on Sunday for those who are interested. Please ONLY bring a photo of your animals or Name and Physical description. She does not need to see the animal in person and does not need a photo. We prefer not to have anyone bring animals to the meeting. You may ask two or three simple questions. The fee is $15.00 cash or check or Paypal.  If you want it recorded, please bring your own recording device. Thank you. Available times: 12:30 -12:45  12:50 – 1:05    1:10 – 1:25 (If more people sign up, then Morgine will be available earlier to accommodate more people.)
Please call Morgine for appointments:

Morgine 360-686-9886

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched.
They must be felt with the heart.” – Helen Keller

Communicating and communing with animals (and nature) can provide things like this and more! You already know this if you have animals for friends. Morgine merely offers you a deeper insight into how you too can experience these things.. Her purpose in doing this work is to empower you with tools to inspire your own Brilliance and to use this all the time with your animal friends and Nature for instilling better and clearer communication between you both and helping transform your own lives. She shares that “communicating with more Love can help transform every relationship in your life, from immediate family members, animals, plants, onto relationships with your car, computers and cell phones. All things are alive and how we communicate with life, helps define how we experience ourselves and each other.” Animals & Nature have taught Morgine to see each of you as a Unique Brilliant Being, just as you are. “Wisdom often lies where we least expect it as we open our hearts together in loving communication with all of life.” She comes to share with you, how to begin to open that door a little more every day! Words of praise from her website:

Thank you for facilitating a growth in spirit of staggering magnitude. Love Linda
I see you as a tender of gardens of the human spirit. You are searching for ways for humans to be more spiritual, finding connections through plants and animals, and using what you learn to help all people you meet become more spiritual, in whatever ways they’re ready for at the moment. Brenda Fullick
I know your truth and honesty and your enthusiasm for your work with all of nature and it is a great comfort to me. I have learned that a problem with my animal usually started with me and my lack of understanding and I very much appreciate being set on the right track again. I also know that through your work, you help not only individual situations, but the planet as well (and so the universe because it ripples out). And I have to mention again, your enthusiasm, it makes a difference. Shirley

Islandia Cabana  20108 56th Ave West Lynnwood, WA 98036

On the Cabana the address is connected to the Condos. 5620-5630 200th ST SW
Donation:  $5 members and $8 non-members
Bring light finger foods to share.

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