Greg Baroni Saturday January 17 at 2PM

Greg Baroni

  Greg Baroni

Human Self-Mastery through Gaia
with Kryon

Greg’s website is
Voice or text:   206-745-2963

Greg began channeling Ascended Masters in 2011, and has had a life of unending exploration, “boot camp”, and discovery ever since.  In the summer of 2013, he was told he was to begin channeling the energy known as Kryon. Having been a fan of Lee Carroll for years, Greg was both enthralled and humbled at this news. Since then he has refined his channeling abilities and his connection with Kryon , as well as his familiarity with the information they will be teaching publically together. This has led to Greg’s interest in dowsing, ley lines, and vortexes.

Here Kryon describes the upcoming meeting: Dear ones, the planet upon which you walk supports more than the weight of your bodies pressing upon it.  Indeed, it feeds the core of your being. The sustenance that Gaia provides in the forms of food and water is only the beginning. Those of you who dowse know of the interaction of energy and the human body/mind. Specifically, dowsing involves the MOVEMENT of these energies, and the hastening of these interactions.  This heightened interaction is that of which we will speak.


Where:  Islandia Cabana
When:  Saturday January 17 at  2PM

web address:     Islandia Cabana: 20108 56th Ave W, Lynnwood, WA 98036

Bring finger foods to share. Donation: $5- $10- $20 your choice.  Thank you.

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