Energy Dowsers of the Pacific NW

LOVE is Consciousness and the Essence of who we are.

Dowsing is classically defined as using a device such as a pendulum, L-rods, Y-rods, the body, blinking, sensing...any means of identifying our connecting with Mind and bringing that into the physical realm. Whether the movement of the Pendulum or a body twitch, our response to questions asked is a learned natural skill.  We desire to help you understand your responses to this Electrical field.

Everyone has equal status in the Source. Every breath is God breathing. Every thought is God thinking. Dowsing gives us a choice of rummaging through old worn out beliefs or flying high into the Minds of champions. Great Thinkers have left a trail of Thought energy to tap into;  bringing Balance and harmony to the Earth.  As Dowsers, we have a unique experience of channeling that energy.

We learn the questions to ask and the true power in giving. The more we share - the more we attain. 

 President of Energy Dowsers,  Pat Delafield.  I have had 45 years of dowsing experience, including success in gold, water and gem dowsing. I have been fortunate to have traveled to so many interesting places on our beautiful Earth and have a constant state of gratitude for knowing the dowsing experience.

Our officers are all proficient dowsers and give a wide variety of expertise.
Our present membership has a range of experience in gardening, healing, Reiki, diverting noxious energy, water well-site water location, and much more.