A Magic day of Dowsing Sunday Feb. 22 2PM

Letter to Robin by Walt Woods 

Learning to Dowse is like drinking pure water. At first it may be hard to swallow, but once you take a taste, you cannot live without it.

Want to learn?  Want to improve?
Want to share your knowledge?

Beginner:  How to use the Pendulum, L-Rods and Y-Rods to detect energy fields and access chart info.

Intermediate: Learn new skill levels from experienced dowsers.

Advanced:  Share your Understandings with the group.


The beauty of Dowsing? ‘The world is open to you’.
With practice and dedication, the possibilities are staggering.
Each individuals’ Mind connection to the Universe is unique.
Your innermost questions have answers;
    you have the questions and the  Universe has answers.        
Dowsing is a tool of discovery.

Where:  Islandia Cabana 20108 56 Ave W. Lynnwood, WA 98036