Adjusting the frequencies of our Food Energy

Walt Woods offers how to perform properly or skillfully the fundamentals of Dowsing. 

Here is an excerpt on the Nutritional program: Personal Dowsing

“Food Program: Is to be continually available. This Program is to be activated by using an intentionally focused intent. This same focused intent will automatically activate and combine with the “Noxious Energies” and “Overall Conditions Program”. This will combine the functions of all three Programs.

Detection: When activated, the “System” is to evaluate and indicate the worst condition detected. This is to include, any one, or combinations of all foods, drinks, air, and other influences that knowing or unknowing, have or are going on, into or out of [my] body. (Anything in [ ] can be temporally changed by intent) Adjustments: When Requested, the “System” is to adjust, clear, modify, change, scramble, all the non-beneficial conditions. This Includes adjusting or transmuting nutrients, minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, pH’s, excitotoxins, and other chemicals, needed for a balanced, smoothly functioning, mind, body and related systems. It is also to promote easy comfortable digestion and absorption, pleasant taste and make [my] entire body feel good with abundant energy. Indicate: Progress and end results. If requested, indicate and time required. Action Time: When related to Food, it is to be in effect for [±12 hr’s] and to be continuous until requested adjustments are complete. End of Food Program.”

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